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Solutions prepared to ensure the continuity of production

Failure Prediction

Data analysis for failure prediction in the production process

Anomaly Detection

Monitoring the production process and identifying the anomalies

Artificial Intelligence

Utilizing the artificial intelligence methods in predictive analytics

Data Transfer

Data transfer, transformation, adjustment and processing in real time

Data Lake

Developing the complete infrastructure suitable for pre-processing the data in the Data Lake

Data Integration

Integrating data and data sources into the Data Lake enabling their further use

IoT Analysis

Designing sensors, creating the concept and implementing the complex networks suitable for IoT

Data Visualization

Visualizing processed data in a well-arranged summary form for all levels of control


Fast and comprehensive implementation

The company PredictiveDataScience Ltd. also supplies a solution for monitoring the state of production facilities and the online identification of a possible failures in the production process: PredictiveDataScience Artificial Intelligence Platform (PDSAIP).

This solution incorporates:
design, installation and monitoring of the Big Data repository for structured and unstructured data,
design, installation and monitoring of sensor technology (IoT),
design, installation and monitoring of communication sensor technology with analytical methods and data storage,
design, implementation of online and offline analysis as well as predictions based on the available data,
visualizing the state of production facilities within the production process and reporting on the potential risks of production failures.

All in one place

PDSAIP provides analytics tailored according to specific client requirements. This objective is achieved through:

integration of the best and most powerful analytic solutions,
support of the most sophisticated tools and programming languages,
implementation of analytical tasks in an enterprise scale.

PDSAIP used the most advanced analytical tools and includes sophisticated solutions to processing large amounts of data, including identification of new data sources that you can bring new opportunities in your business.


Suitable for micro,
small, medium and large companies

Each industrial sector is unique in the way it operates, but the need for timely and accurate decision-making is a fundamental principle of policies in every company. Whether you are a small business with few employees or a large multinational corporation, PDSAIP helps businesses of all sizes to make timely and correct decisions based on the fast and modern data architecture.


How does it work?

PDSAIP offers a comprehensive solution aimed at businesses of today. Scalability of the provided solution enables the flexibility of the platform deployment depending on the specific requirements of the particular company. Therefore, it is possible to deploy either only certain features or the whole solution PDSAIP platform depending on the customer's demands.


IoT sensors

At the beginning there are always physical sensors collecting the data in real time using different platforms such as LoRa, SigFox, GSM, Wi-Fi, etc.

Data Lake

According to the type, the data is then stored in a suitable storage either in a structured database, or in the Data Lake Hadoop environment.
Umelá inteligencia

PDSAIP platform

Ready PDSAIP platform learns from the data using different machine learning algorithms designed to automatically process data and to achieve the pursued objective.

More intelligent decision-making

The result is a product for faster and smarter decision-making aiming at achieving the pursued objectives.


Implemented Solutions

the intelligent
with easy

Our visualization brings all reports in one page, presenting them in a clear and transparent form adapted to the needs of your company.


We cooperate with several well-known institutions

Our company holds the TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certificate, which is recognized in the automotive industry as the international standard for information security ISO / IEC 27001. As part of the TISAX evaluation process, our company has successfully passed level 2 in two areas: Data Protection according to to EU-GDPR Art. 28 ("Processor") and Information with High Protection Needs. By meeting all the criteria for this certificate, our company has created and maintains a supplier information security system, which has been verified by DQS Slovakia as the official certification center for the ENX association issuing certificates / TISAX labels.


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