at the time
of coronavirus

Protection of medical staff of the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, a.s. in Bratislava

Nowadays, we are living in a challenging period of a global pandemic of the Covid-19 crisis. The world is engulfed by an invisible and dangerous enemy. Nothing is the same as before.

First of all, health-care workers as the workers of the first contact with infected people are in danger. Their assignment is to handle a critical situation in the field. They work at the edge of the physical and mental exhaustion. They are exposed to an enhanced risk of getting sick from patients infected with Covid-19.

Our company is especially concerned with the prediction of anomalies in data in various contexts. But in the current situation, as an effort to help free of charge, reflecting the lack of adequate medical protection, our company in cooperation with doctors of The National Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases (NÚSCH) in Bratislava manufactured shields for surgeon teams as a means of protection against the aerosols from Covid-19 patients.

We believe that this product will help and contribute to a better and safer health protection of our health-care professionals.